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Spain Pavilion at FITUR 2019

The Heart of FITUR

What happens when there is a crush, when something has a direct impact on the heart? At Grupo Abbsolute we think that love at first sight is always motivated by the heart. That is why we converted the Turespaña Pavilion at FITUR 2019 into a circulatory system, with a continuous connection that symbolises a single entity, a single skin: Spain. We designed and produced a global Communication Space that responded to the needs of the tourist sector in terms of both the site and its content, beating like a heart thanks to new technologies. The biggest attraction in the pavilion was the Social Media Wall, a large mural of screens acting as an audiovisual core for information, development and live interaction, with the ability to transmit content and experiences to the world. The Turespaña timeline, with a spectacular design and format divided into multiple windows, acted as a large audiovisual showcase that enhanced the brand image, as well as allowing visitors to interact and generate content. It also served as a transmitter channel showing all the digital dynamics developed in the pavilion and the public's response in real time.

The Heart of FITUR

Client: Turespaña
Year: 2019

Spain Pavilion at FITUR 2019
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    NEWS DELEGACIONES: Madrid y Valencia (España). NUEVO CENTRO PROD. Y LOGÍSTICA: Milán (Italia).


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