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“The Wishing Star”, Acción Streek MK Christmas

Have you ever been inside a giant star?

For Torre Sevilla Mall, this was its first Christmas. And for us, it was the first time we brought a giant star down to city level, the "XXL Wishing Star".

The Mall, which had already reached a million visits in its first quarter, trusted Grupo Abbsolute to create a Christmas surprise with an "XXL Wishing Star" and movie-like snowfall in the main concourse.

The Star was conceived as an interactive sculpture for visitors, given that it housed a space with overhead projectors to ensure the youngest ones would be fully entertained. On the outside it was a photocall where families could have their photograph taken and interact with combinations of Christmas lights and shadows.

And with a prize! Visitors entered the draw #siguealaestrelladetorresevilla (followtorresevillastar) for dinner at Restaurante El Duende, Hotel Eurostar Torre Sevilla.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to develop a truly amazing action.


Have you ever been inside a giant star?

Client: Knight Frank – Torre Sevilla Mall


“The Wishing Star”, Acción Streek MK Christmas
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