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Airbus - 10º Aniv. San Pablo Site

The Knowledge Core

Airbus' remit was to design and organise the space for the 10th Anniversary of the San Pablo plant, an event that was to be held at the plant itself. The event aimed to straightforwardly show the soul behind everything they do and what they do it for, i.e. their Knowledge Areas. A space that offers a complete turnkey service in military aviation. Who for? For their own team and their families. 

It had to be an event where everyone can discover what is done in San Pablo and by who, but always in a simple, attractive, recreational way. To this end, we turned the plant into the Knowledge Core, which took shape through a large technological and experiential space. This is where the COMPETENCES of the PEOPLE who make it possible where born. We created and distinguished 5 different competences, grouping them into the Knowledge Areas and activities. The experience would therefore be lived from the moment they receive and design the aeroplane parts, through to their delivery to the customer. We designed an event that ensured the worker would feel proud to belong, along with a sense of teamwork and loyalty to the company. We colour-coded each competence, which we turned into the concept of the event, flooding the whole plant with colour. The competences –PRECISION, RELIABILITY, SAFETY, BETTERMENT AND DELIVERY– came together in the Knowledge Core, an immersive audiovisual experience (360º video mapping).

We turned the plant into the Knowledge Core, which came together in a large technological and experiential space (hangar) where these competences were viewed in a spectacular 360º video mapping. And from here emanated colourful carpets (one per competence) leading up to more than 40 activities. We created a mobile app that provided the functional structure for the whole event: schedules, information, last minute warnings, registrations, activity info, personalised routes, waiting times, etc. The app managed to bring together a plant with 12,000 workers in just 6 hours. Shuttles between the different areas (South, North and ITC), time management signage, facilitators and the organisation team throughout the plant were responsible, along with the app, for more than 8000 attendees enjoying the team event at the 840,000-plus sqm site.

* 8000 attendees registered through the ASP10 app.

The Knowledge Core

Client: Airbus Defense and Space
Year: 2019

Airbus - 10º Aniv. San Pablo Site
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