We are an agency
of Actions of Communication,
or even better we are an agency,
of Communication in Action

What you don't expect,
you never forget .

this is what we think "communication and marketing" is all about. This is our motto and our guideline eacht time we start a new journey and we face a new challenge.

When you decide to do
something, you don´t want
 just do it alright.

You want to do it differently
Over and over.
What innovation is for
 if we don't communicate
it in a new and unexpected way?

It is the unknow,
the "never seen or heard before",
hat draws people's attention and makes them discover things as if it would be the first time and make it unforgettable..


What you don't expect, you never forget.

The key element of an effective communication
is the " surprise factor "

and since 2005 we have been created each
new Communication and Marketing Action, 
following this principle, both nationally and internationally.

Han confiado en nosotros
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  • meliá
  • Junta de Andalucía
  • bogaris
  • airbus
  • incibe
  • extenda
  • telefónica
  • icex
  • CNON
  • Guadalinfo
  • acción cultural española
  • heineken
  • Expo Antalya
  • Unia
  • AOF
  • Sevilla Fc
  • andalucía
  • city sightseeing
  • What you don´t expect, you never forget

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No hay una sorpresa igual a otra.
O no sería sorpresa...

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